Friday, June 06, 2003

Friday June 6th from 2-6 on WZBC 90.3 FM: Top 30 Marathon

Some of the tracks I played on the show:
Bunnyrabbits, Satan, Cheese and Milk. [ mp3 ]
JPEG Baby. [ Flash ]
Jelly On My Head - Mitch Miller.
Kill The Cake - The Giraffes.

Here's My Whole Playlist:
2:03pm The Giraffes ''Kill the Cake'' from The Days Are Filled With Years (Orange Recordings 2000)

2:10pm Melon Galia ''En Moins D'une Seconde'' from Les Embarras Du Quotidien (Grenadine 2003) N — #30

2:12pm Acda En De Munnik ''Als Het Vuur Gedoofd Is'' from S/t — They're big in Amsterdam

2:14pm Detroit Cobras ''Ya Ya Ya (Looking for My Baby)'' from Seven Easy Pieces (Rough Trade 2003) N — #29

2:19pm Freezepop ''Plastic Stars Remix'' from Fashion Impression Function EP (Archenemy 2002) L— Commodore Vic Remix

2:22pm Stark Effect ''Bunnyrabbits, Satan, Cheese and Milk'' from Mp3

2:23pm Sinceros ''Take Me to Your Leader'' from The Sound of Sunbathing (1979) — A Song From My Milkcrate

2:27pm Starlight Mints ''Black Cat'' from Built on Squares (PIAS 2003) N — #28 This Week's ZBC Top 30

2:32pm Broadcast ''Pendulum'' EP (Warp 2003) N — #27

2:37pm Mitch Miller ''Jelly on My Head'' from Songs for Children

2:39pm The Count Me Outs ''Let You Down'' from S/t (Self 2002) L

2:41pm Waltham ''So Lonely'' from Permission to Build (2003) L

2:46pm The Faint ''Agenda Suicide'' (2003)

2:51pm MindFlayer ''Track #9'' from Take Your Skin off (Bulb 2003) N L — #26

2:53pm Rock Stone ''When U Look a Way'' from Mp3 L

2:57pm The New Pornographers ''The End of Medicine'' from Electric Versio (2003) N — #25

3:00pm Adult ''Marathon'' from Dancing MAchine:Erase Errata Remix Record (2003) N — #24 ZBC Top 30 of the week!

3:06pm Tim Ireland and Koit ''JPEG Baby'' from Mp3 (2003) —

3:08pm Lifestyle ''It Doesn't Mean That I Don't Love You if I Forget to Call You Back'' from Frontier (Archenemy 2001) L

3:13pm Ad Frank ''Dumb Trilemma'' from Girl Trouble (Stop Pop & Roll 2003) R L

3:16pm Hot Hot Heat ''Touch You Touch You'' from Knock Knock Knock EP (Sub Pop 2002)

3:18pm Spearmint ''This Is a Souvenir'' from Everything Is Ending Here: a Tribute to Pavement (2003) — #23

3:25pm Scrapple ''Sex Party'' from Mp3 L

3:28pm Instant Cafe Records ''Let Drive at Him'' from Ragazza Pop COMP (2003) N — #22

3:31pm Irritating Rainbow ''Girl, the Elves Are Back'' from The Painful Placw

3:33pm The Downbeat 5 ''The Good's Gone'' from S/t (Self 2003) N L — #21

3:37pm The Apes ''Imagic'' from Oddeyesee (Frenchkiss 2003) N — #20

3:42pm Cannibelle ''Winter'' from The Hypnotic New Sounds of (2003) L

3:46pm Suntan ''Wiles/Lecube Interlude'' from Send You Home CD ALBUM (Kimchee 2003) L— #19 ZBC Top 30 of the week

3:48pm Devil Music ''Inferno'' from Mastul (Mister Records 2003) N L — #18 this week

3:52pm Fourtet ''She Moves She'' from Rounds (Domino 2003) — #17 this week's ZBC top 30

3:57pm Don White ''I'm from Lynn, What Can I Say'' from Don White Live at The Sommerville Theatre L

4:05pm Francine ''Inside Joke'' from 28 Plastive BlueVersions of Endings Without You (2003) N L

4:09pm Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers ''Abominable Snowman in Ther Market'' from S/t (1976) L— classic!

4:10pm Don Lennon ''Bass Guitar'' from S/t (2000) R L

4:13pm HO AG ''Milimeter'' from Equals GO AT (Mister Records 2003) N L — #16

4:15pm Lilys ''Will My Lord Be Gardening'' from Precollection (Maifesto 2003) — #15 zbc top 30 of the week

4:18pm Private Lightning ''Physical Speed'' from S/t (1980) L

4:22pm Pink and Brown ''Track #5'' from Same Fantasy II (Load 2003) — #14

4:24pm Shumai ''The Lonely Passion of Joey Heatherton'' from Combo With 5 Delights (2003) L

4:32pm Schneider TM ''Chotto Matte'' from 6 Peace EP (Mute 2003) N — #13 ZBC Top 30

4:39pm Anchormen ''Mass Ave Attack'' from Mp3

4:40pm Kay Hanley ''Sheltering Sky'' from Cherry Marmalade (2002) L

4:45pm Brett Rosenberg Problem ''Everyboy's Seeing My Baby'' from Problematic L

4:47pm Ulrich Schnauss ''A Letter from Home'' from A Strangely Isolated Place (City Center Offices 2003) N — #12

4:53pm Rogers Sisters ''I Don't Want to Have to Live and Dire Like a Dog'' from Purely Evil (Troubleman 2003) — #11

4:56pm Austin Fisher ''Steal That Thing'' from SAme Difference (2003)

5:00pm Neptune ''Our Enemies Lie Bleeding at The Gates'' from Teh Ballet of Progress (2003) N L — #10

5:03pm Decemberists ''July, July!'' from Castaways and Cutouts (2003) — #9 ZBC Top 30 this week!

5:05pm Goldfrapp ''Strict Machine'' from Black Cherry (Mute 2003) N — #8

5:09pm Flowchart ''Of a'' from Evergreen Noise Is Flexible (2003) N — #7

5:13pm Ravi Jain ''Concerto for Voicemail #1'' from Boom Box: Sound Art Show (2003) L—

5:18pm Wire ''Being Watched'' from Send (Pink Flag 2003) N — #6 ZBC Top 30 of the week

5:20pm Dresden Dolls ''Missed Me'' from A Is for Accident (Important 2003) N L — #5 ZBC Top 30 of the week

5:26pm The Faint (Ursula 100 Remix) ''Your Retro Carreer Melted'' from Danse Macabre Remixes (2003) N

5:31pm Manitoba ''Bijoux'' from Up in Flames (Domino 2003) N — #4 ZBC Top 30 of the week

5:35pm Sex Pistols ''Just Me'' from Never Mind the Bollocks and Spunk (2003) N

5:40pm 27 ''For an Exchange'' from Animal Life (Kimchee Records 2002) L

5:43pm Broken Social Scene ''Almost Crimes (radio Kills Remix)'' from You Forgot It in People (Arts and Crafts/ Paper Bag Records 2003) N — #3 ZBC Top 30 of the week

5:47pm The Shelly Winters Project ''Monk'' from I Hate Everything But You (Windjam 2003) N L

5:52pm The Sea and Cake ''Hotel Tell'' from One Bedroom (Thrill Jockey 2003) N — #2 ZBC Top 30 of the week

5:58pm Prefuse 73 ''One Word Extingusher'' from One Word Extinguisher 12-INCH SINGLE (Warp 2003) N — #1 ZBC Top of the week Yay!