Thursday, May 15, 2003

Thursday May 15th from 3-5.
The Thank You Theresa Show.

Here's my playlist:
3:01pm Mishima USA ''Twist My Arm'' from Mishima USA (2001) L

3:05pm Pagoda Red ''Superhero'' from S/t (Self 2002) L

3:08pm The Waitresses ''No Guilt'' from S/t Aka 7-INCH SINGLE (1980)

3:13pm Lifestyle ''It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You if I Forget to Call You Back'' from Frontier (Archenemy 2001) L

3:17pm El Guapo ''Glass House'' from Fake French (Dischord 2003) N — #21 ZBC Top 30

3:19pm Cannibelle ''Winter'' from The Hypnotic New Sounds of Cannilbelle (2003) L—

3:22pm Rjd2 ''Ghostwriter Remix'' from The Horror (Definitive Jux 2003) N — #19 ZBC Top 30

3:27pm Kay Hanley ''Satellite'' from Cherry Marmalade (2002) L

3:33pm Broken Social Scene ''Almost Crimes'' from You Forgot It in People (Arts and Crafts/ Paper Bag Records 2003) N — #17 ZBC Top 30

3:37pm Waltham ''Nicole'' from Permission to Build (2003) L

3:43pm Ulrich Schnauss ''A Letter from Home'' from A Strangely Isolated Place (City Center Offices 2003) N — #16 WZBC Top 30

3:52pm Frou Frou ''Hear ME out'' from Details (Universal Island/MCA 2002) —

3:55pm The New Pornographers ''The Laws Have Changed'' from Electric Version (Matador 2003) N — #15 ZBC Top 30

3:59pm Well ''Bring It on'' from Mp3 (2002) L

4:03pm The Faint ''Agenda Suicide'' from Danse Macabre Remixes (Astral Werks/Saddle Creek 2003) N — #14 ZBC Top 30

4:09pm Rework ''Amerouse'' from Fall Right Now (Playhouse Records 2003) N

4:14pm Yo La Tengo ''Little Eyes'' from Summer Sun (Matador 2003) N — #13 ZBC Top 30

4:18pm Dresden Dolls ''The Time Has Come (Live at Milky Way)'' from A Is for Accident (Important 2003) N L — #12 ZBC Top 30

4:20pm The Downbeat 5 ''The Good's Gone'' from S/t (Self 2003) N L — #10 ZBC Top 30

4:24pm Starlight Mints ''Brass Digger'' from Built on Squares (PIAS 2003) N — #9 ZBC Top 30

4:27pm Adult ''Black Eyed Nose Bleed'' from Anxiety Always (Ersatz Audio 2003) N R — #7 ZBC Top 30

4:35pm Manitoba ''Bijoux'' from Up in Flames (Domino 2003) N — #6 WZBC Top 30

4:40pm Irritating Rainbow ''Priest 85'' from The Painful Place (St 2002) —

4:43pm Scrapple ''Sex Party'' from Mister Comp II COMP (2003) L— #5 ZBC Top 30

4:46pm Sea and Cake ''To the Author (version 1)'' from Glass EP (Thrill Jockey 2003) N — #4 ZBC Top 30

4:54pm The Flaming Lips ''Can't Get You Aou of My Head'' from Fight Test (Warner Bros. 2003) N — #2 ZBC Top 30

5:00pm Prefuse 73 ''One World Extinguisher'' (2003) N — #1 ZBC Top 30 of the Week