Friday, May 23, 2003

Friday May 23rd from 2-6 on WZBC Newton, filling in for Jeff and Tracey.
Here's my playlist from today's four hour marathon and TOP 30 Countdown:
2:11pm The Flaming Lips ''Do You Realize'' from Fight Test (Warner Bros. 2003) N — #13 ZBC Top 30

2:16pm MindFlayer ''Take Your Shoes off'' from Take Your Skin off (Bulb 2003) N L — #30 ZBC Top 30

2:21pm Assagai ''Hey Jude'' from

2:25pm Pink and Brown ''Track #6'' from Shame Fantasy II (2003)

2:27pm Becky ''Higher Ground'' from (2003) — Keanu Reeves on Bass

2:28pm Waltham ''So Lonely'' from Permission to Build (2003) L

2:31pm Rjd2 ''The Horror'' ( Definitive Jux 2003) N — #28 ZBC Top 30

2:40pm Rework ''Loin De Moi'' from Fall Right Now (Playhouse Records 2003)

2:49pm The Gentleman ''Never Tell'' from Music Fest 2000 (2000) L

2:53pm Goldfrapp ''Train Remix'' from Train 12-INCH EP (Mute Records 2003) N — #27 ZBC TOP 30

2:57pm John Maynard ''Es Ist Nicht Leicht'' from (2003)

3:00pm Cannibelle ''Winter'' from The Hypnotic New Sounds of Cannibelle (2003) L—

3:06pm Rogers Sisters ''Track 6'' from Purely Evil (Troubleman 2003)

3:08pm The Faint ''Agenda Suicide'' (2003)

3:12pm Steve Malkmus and The Jicks ''Vanessa from Queens'' from Pig Lib (2003) N — #25 ZBC Top 30

3:13pm Brett Rosenberg Problem ''Everybody's Seeing My Baby'' from Problematic L

3:16pm Tosca ''Rolf Royce'' from Dehli9 (2003) N — #24 ZBC Top 30

3:22pm The Evolution Control Comittee ''I Want a Cookie'' from Plagiarythm Nation (2003) N — #21 ZBC Top 30

3:26pm Irritating Rainbow ''^Priest 85'' from The Painful Place (St 2002) —

3:33pm Broadcast ''Small Song IV'' from Pendulum EP (Warp 2003) N — #20 ZBC Top 30

3:36pm XTC by The Former Yugoslavia ''Senses Working Overtime'' from (2003) — ^Priest 85

3:39pm A Frames ''Nobot'' from A Frames (2003) N — #19 ZBC Top 30

3:42pm Scrapple ''Sex Party'' from Mister Comp II COMP (2003) N L — #18 ZBC Top 30

3:46pm Frou Frou ''Must Be Dreaming'' from Details (Universal Island/MCA 2002)

3:52pm El Guapo ''Glass House'' from Fake French (Dischord 2003) N — #17 ZBC Top 30

3:59pm Yo La Tengo ''Today Is the Day'' from Summer Sun (Matador 2003) N — #15 ZBC Top 30

3:59pm Rock Stone ''Cherry Vanilla'' from Internet Download (2003) R L

4:04pm Well ''Bring It on'' from Internet Download L

4:09pm Dresden Dolls ''The Time Has Come'' from A Is for Accident (Important 2003) L— #14 ZBC Top 30

4:14pm Spearmint ''This Is a Souvenier'' from Everything Is Ending Here COMP N — a tribute to pavement

4:16pm Symbion Project ''Lithe and Tawny'' from Immortal Game COMP (Ninth Wave Records 2003) N L

4:16pm The Buckners ''Acrobat'' from Internet L

4:21pm Wickid Pissa ''Pop Godess'' from Internet L

4:23pm Gina X ''No G.D.M.'' from Tigersushi Presents More G.D.M. COMP N — #11 ZBC Top 30

4:29pm Ulrich Schnauss ''A Letter from Home'' from A Strangely Isolated Place (City Center Offices 2003) N — #10 ZBC Top 30

4:41pm Adult ''Glue Your Eyelids Together'' from Anxiety Always (Ersatz Audio 2003) N — #9 ZBC Top 30

4:44pm Suntan ''I Can Only Give You Everything'' from Send You Home CD ALBUM (Kimchee 2003) L

4:49pm Quintaine Americana ''Then One More'' from Dark Thirty (Curve of The Earth 2003) L

4:53pm The Modifiers ''Late Bloomer'' from Secret Frequencies (Intelligent Records 2003) L

4:55pm The Flaming Lips ''Drug Machine in Heaven'' from Telepathic Surgery (1989) — 1st Album!

4:58pm Anchormen ''Mass Ave Attack'' from Punk Rock Is Awesoe L

4:59pm Irresponsibles ''Catch Her in The Rye'' from Snack Sand Prizes L

5:02pm Rock City Crimewave ''Jersey Devil'' from Sealed With a Curse (Pig Pile 2003) L

5:05pm The Decemberists ''July! July!'' from Castaways and Cutouts (2003) N — #8 ZBC Top 30

5:08pm Prefuse 73 ''One Word Extinguisher'' 12-INCH SINGLE (Warp 2003) N — #7 ZBC Top 30

5:12pm The New Pornographers ''The Laws Have Changed'' from Electric Version (Matador 2003) N — #6 ZBC Top 30

5:17pm Sea and Cake ''Interiors'' from Glass EP (Thrill Jockey 2003) — #5 ZBC Top 30

5:22pm Roxie ''Down on The Beach'' from Make out Party (Pillow Talk 2003) N L

5:25pm Manitoba ''Kid You'll Move Mountains'' from Up in Flames (Domino 2003) N — #4 ZBC Top 30

5:31pm Pagoda Red ''Superhero'' from S/t (Self 2002) L

5:34pm Ad Frank ''A Little Devotion'' from Girl Trouble (Stop Pop & Roll 2003) L

5:37pm Lilys ''Squares'' from Precollection (Maifesto 2003) N — #3 ZBC Top 30

5:41pm Amusia ''Never Go'' EP (2003) L—

5:44pm Fourtet ''Hands'' from Rounds (Domino 2003) N — #2 ZBC Top 30

5:50pm The Control Group ''Chemicals'' from An Elaborate System of Pullys and Levers L—

5:54pm Broken Social Scene ''Almost Crimes (radio Kills Remix)'' from You Forgot It in People (Arts and Crafts/ Paper Bag Records 2003) N — #1 ZBC Top 30

5:58pm Rock Stone ''When You Look Away'' from (2003) L

6:02pm Sascha Funke ''Nordseite'' from Funkt (2003) N

6:08pm AmmonContact ''Segal'' from Beats from Bina's House (2003) N

6:11pm Black Eyes ''Have Been Murdered Again'' from S/t (Dischord 2003)

6:16pm Minit ''Bootleg'' from S/t N

6:20pm Rosy Parlane ''Kees.1'' from The Peetoom Files N

6:25pm Schneider ''Chotto Matte'' from Binokular (2000)

Local music
My new favorite band cannibelle.
A request from last week for Rock Stone.
the modifierS - Late Bloomer.
The Anchormen playing Mass Ave Attack.
The Brett Rosenberg Problem - Everybody's Seeing My Baby.
The Buckners - Acrobat.
Scrapple - Sex Party.

Songs From My Milkcrate
Hey Jude Cover by African band Assagai, found on 365 days.
Count Slowly - Radio, and The Nevada Bachelors - Bad Haircut, found on
John Maynard - Es ist nicht leicht (It Is Not Easy), found on
becky - Higher Ground.