Friday, May 09, 2003

Friday May 9th from 2-4 - The Filling in for Jeff Show.

Here's my playlist from today:

2:07pm The Gravel Pit ''Favorite'' from Gorilla (1998) L

2:10pm The Gentlemen ''Never Tell'' from Music Fest 2000 Compilation (2000) L

2:11pm Cannibelle ''Winter'' from The Hypnotic Sounds of Cannibelle (2003) L

2:12pm Amusia ''Never Go'' EP (2003) L

2:15pm Waltham ''Nicole'' from Permission to Build (2003) L

2:18pm Irritating Rainbow ''Mr. Work Work'' from The Painful Place (St 2002)

2:25pm Rjd2 ''Bus Stop Bitties'' from The Horror (Definitive Jux 2003) N — #16 ZBC TOP 30

2:28pm The Evolution Control Committee ''I Want a Cookie'' from Plagiarythm Nation (2003) N — #15 ZBC TOP 30

2:36pm Ad Frank ''A Little Devotion'' from Girl Trouble (Stop Pop & Roll 2003) N L

2:41pm Rework ''Amoureuse'' from Fall Right Now (Playhouse Records 2003) N

2:45pm Frou Frou ''Hear Me out'' from Details (Universal Island/MCA 2002) — Imogen Heap and Guy Sigworth

2:47pm Takako Minekawa ''Fantastic Cat'' from Roomic Cube (March 2003) N

2:56pm Manitoba ''Bijoux'' from Up in Flames (Domino 2003) N — #11 ZBC Top 30

2:58pm Bis ''Today OF All Days'' from Web Download (2003) L— Their Last Single Ever

3:02pm Starlight Mints ''Brass Digger'' from Built on Squares (PIAS 2003) N — #10 ZBC TOP 30

3:07pm The Irresponsibles ''Catch Her in The Rye'' from Snacks Nad Prizes L

3:10pm The Shangri_Las ''Give Him a Great Big Kiss'' from Myrmidons of Melodrama (2003) — #9 ZBC Top 30

3:13pm The In out ''Hedonism Haunts Our Quality Time'' from Il Dito and Other Gestures (Emporer Norton 2003) N — #8 ZBC Top 30

3:14pm Devo ''Find out'' from Peek a Boo 12-INCH SINGLE (1982)

3:18pm The Sex Pistols ''Satellite'' from Never Mind the Bollocks European Version (2003) N

3:23pm The Jam ''Thick As Thieves'' from At the BBC (Polydor 2002) N

3:27pm Uncle Tupelo ''Gun'' from Still Feel Gone (Rockville 2003) N

3:30pm The Flaming Lips ''The Strange Design of Conscience'' from Flight Test (2003) N

3:35pm Pagoda Red ''Superhero'' from Web Download (2003) L

3:38pm Gina X ''No G.D.M.'' from TigersushiPresents More G.D.M. COMP (2003) N — #5 ZBC Top 30

3:43pm Yo La Tengo ''Moonrock Mambo'' from Summer Sun (Matador 2003) N — #4 ZBC Top 30

3:48pm Scrapple ''Sex Party'' from Mister Comp II COMP (2003) N L — #3 ZBC Top 30

3:51pm Gabriel Boyer and The Thousand Eyes ''Cadillac Song'' from Mister Comp II (2003)

3:53pm Ulrich Schnauss ''A Letter from Home'' from A Strangely Isolated Place (City Center Offices 2003) N — #2 ZBC Top 30

4:03pm Prefuse 73 ''Detchibe'' from One Word Extinguisher 12-INCH SINGLE (Warp 2003) N — #1 ZBC Top 30