Saturday, March 01, 2003

WZBC Playlist
Fri Feb 28th 2003, Specialty Mass Ave And Beyond, with DJ Steve

Artist - Band, Song Title, Album - Disk, clrp, Label, Year, Public notes

Pagoda Red, Track 2, ST, l, 2002

Lifestyle, You're Gonna Make It Today, At The Risk Of Sounding Pretentious, l, Arch Enemy, 1998

Sinkcharmer, 20 Paces, Stars In Winter, lp, Unstopable Records, 2002

The Operators, Bottle, Citizens Band, l, Unstopable, 2002

The Den Mothers, Kinda In Love, l

Roxie, Make Out Party, Down On The Beach, lp, Pillow Talk, 2003

The Shelly Winters Project, Bad Day, I Hate Everything But You, lp, Windjam Records, 2003

Willie Alexander, Mass Ave, Mass Ave. The Boston Scene, cl, 1993

The Modifiers, I Like Her Band, Secret Frequencies, Intelligent Records

The Jumblies, Then They're Gone, By The Light Of A Blue Moon, lp, Intelligent Records, 2002

Countess, One Hit Wonderland, Shooting Star, l, 2001

The Neighborhoods, The Prettiest Girl, The Neighborhoods, l, 1991, I Love This Song!

Helms, It Takes Skin To Win, McCarthy, lp, Kimchee Records, 2002

Give, You And Me, EP, lp, 2003

Ad Frank, Davey I Didn't Mean To Push You Off, Mr. Fancypants, l, Stop Pop And Roll, 2001

Babaloo, boom-boom, Hardcore Juju, l, Butchers Ghost Records, 2000

Irritating Rainbow, Priest 85, The Painful Place, 2002, They've adopted Boston as their home away from home

All The Queens Men, No One Else, Curvy Baby, lp, Mad Monarchy Records, 2002

The Control Group, Chemicals, An Elaborate System of Pulls And Levers, l

Willie Alexander, Hey Kid, Seagull Opera, lp, 2002

Jr Corduroy, Under The Color, I Don't Want To Be Around, lp, Sealed Fate, 2002

The Real Kids, Down To You, Down To You, l, 1999

B-Side, Catcher In The Rye, A Work In Progress, l

The Model Sons, The Lies and The Money, The Lies and The Money, lp, SINCaudio, 2003

Choo Choo La Rouge, Cards, Wall to WAll, l, 2001

The Scientific Americans, Justice, beyond rational thought, l, 1979, EP

27, for an exchange, animal life, l, Kimchee Records, 2002

The Secrets, Chinatown Bus, Summer Solution: Reason Y Compilation 2002, clp, Reason Y, 2002

Rosie's Recess, Sourpuss, Adore, lp, 2002

Don Lennon, Gay Fun, Downtown, l, Secretly Canadian Records, 2002

in the clrp field, "c" = compilation, "l" = local "r" = request, "p" = playlist, i.e. new to the station