Monday, August 26, 2002

WZBC Playlist - 8/26/02

Artist, Song Title, Album, Notes
Flaming Lips, Yoshimi Battles The Pink, Yoshimi Battles the pink robots
Irritating Rainbow, Priest 85, The Painful Place
Kay Hanley, Made in the Shade, Cherry Marmalade
frou frou, let go, Details
the operators, bottle, citizens band
devo, findout , 12" peek a boo
the human league, crow and a baby, travelogue, their 2nd record from 1980
generation X, listen, radio 1 sessions
Hefner, The Baggage Reclaim Song, The Hefner Brain
rubyhorse, evergreen, rise
gito gito hustler, japan
interpol, pda, turn on the bright light, #13 zbc top 30
everybody to the limit, strong bad,
the control group, chemicals
the modifiers, I like her band, secret frequencies, intelligent records
bis, make it through, plastique nouveau, #25
frou frou, only got one, details
kay hanley, satellite, cherry marmalade, local
mekons, dancing in the head, oooh!, #2 zbc top 30
Ulrich Schnauss, nobody's home, far away trains passing by, #12 zbc top 30
syd, one,
spoon, small stakes, kill the moonlight
Drown, Vibrolux, la femme nikita soundtrack
the fools, spent the rent , sold out
tiga and zyntherius, blue sunglasses, strictly limited edition, city rocker label 12"
irritating rainbow, mr work work, the painful place