Wednesday, August 28, 2002

WZBC Playlist - August 28, 2002

Artist,Song Title,Album
Flaming Lips,Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots,Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
27,for an exchange,animal life
The Damn Personals,Standing Still In The USA,Standing Still In The USA
Frou Frou,Shh,Details
Pagoda Red
Lifestyle,At the risk of sounding pretentious,You're gonna make it today
irritasting rainbow,priest 85,the painful place, this song is in the web movie
Everybody to the limit,strong bad,
Kay Hanley,Fall,Cherry Marmalade
Laurie Anderson,O Superman
Ulrich Schnauss,passing by,far away trains passing by,#12 ZBC Top 30
Interpol,Obstacle 1,turn on the bright lights
the count me outs,take you to the cleaners
bis,make it through,plastique noveau
frou frou,must be dreaming,details
calendar girl ,huck finn
sugarplant,a rain discretion,dry fruit
spoon ,somone something,kill the moonlight
hefner,when the angels play their drum machines,the hefner brain
Ulrich Schnauss,Knuddlemaus
the control group,rescue,an elaborate system of pullys and levers
tiga and zyntherius,blue sunglasses
art of noise,donna
Ulrich Schnauss,nonbody's home
Kent ,Dom Andra