Monday, August 12, 2002

ZBC Playlist - 7/30/2002 - 18 Songs From My iPod
The Flaming Lips Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell #5 ZBC TOP 30
AM Stereo Bob Stinson
Devo Find Out Peek-A-Boo 12"

Irritating Rainbow Priest 85
Lifestyle You're Gonna Make It Today
Rubyhorse Horseless Rise

Electralane I Want To Be President #4 ZBC Top 30
The Mooney Suzuki I Woke Up This Morning Electric Sweat #12 ZBC TOP 30
The Scientific Americans EEP OPP ORK AH AHH

Star Ghost Dog Underdrive

The Residents Safety is a cootie wootie
The NoTwist Pick Up The Phone X Michelle
Laub Alles Anders Fileshaving #9 ZBC TOP 30

Tubeway Army Jo The Waiter
Elvis Costello and the Attractions Accidents Will Hapopen Live At Hollywood High EP Rare Milkcrate
Imogen Heap Getting Scared iPod

Kent Dom Andra #18 ZBC TOP 30 Vapen and Ammunition Test Pattern Friday 6-7PM Petrinia
Heida Ekkert Se Iceland
The Swallows Mr. West Coast

rubyhorse bitter
fantastic plastic machine lotto pool position

*27 For An Exchange
The Breeders The She
David Frye My Way
Neil Barnes and the Sex Pistols God Save The Queen *7"

Lifestyle It doesn't mean I don’t love you if I forget to call you back
Difford and Tilbrook Man For All Seasons Difford and Tillbrook
The Sinceros Take Me To Your Leader

The Atlantics Lonelyhearts
Calendar Girl Huck Finn
Twink #6
rubyhorse rise teenage distraction
Don Lennon The Boston Music Scene