Monday, August 12, 2002

ZBC Playlist - 7/26/2002
Flaming Lips Are You A Hypnotist?
Kent Dom Andra
Rubyhorse Happy in the Sunshine
The Operatorrs Bottle
le hammond inferno margret evening fashion pool position
Sascha Funke Be Tender Berlin
Acda en de Munnick Als Het Vur Gedofd Is
Mum and Dad Million Dollar Teardrop X Matt
The Elevator Drops Right Back Home
2 Many DJ's Track 13
Don Lennon Bass Guitar Local
Lifestyle I'd Really Like To Make Out With You Local
The Human League Crow and a Baby Travelogue
laub laubfrosch remix Berlin
Tubeway Army The Dream Police
The Mooney Suzuki Oh Sweet Susanna
Gito Gito Hustler Himawari
Irritating Rainbow Priest 85
The Residents Safety is a Cootie Wootie
Rubyhorse Any Day Now
Radio 4 Eyes Wide Open
Jonathan Richman Party in the Woods Tonight Back in your Life
Jonathan Richman Vampire Girl You Must Ask The Heart
The Fools It's A Night For Beautiful Girls Sold Out
Paul Lakbrenner Salz and Pfeffer Berlin
Curve Chinese Burn La Femme Nikita Soundtrack
Quarks Konigin tumblick turner
Del Fuegos I Always Call Her Back
Freezepop plastic stars
Electralane I Want To Be President
27 For An Exchange
consonant Who Touches You Now?
AM Stereo Bob Stinson
The Damn Personals Standing Still In The USA
The Count ME Outs Melissa Gilbert
rubyhorse Into The Lavender Rise
La Peste Better Off Dead
Chris Brokaw calimoxcho
babaloo Mama
calendar girl huck finn
golden boy w/miss kitten after 8 switzerland
2 Many DJ's track 20
fantastic plastic machine lotto pool position