Friday, December 27, 2002

How Awful Is the Radio in Your City?
Take This Simple Test.

Radio in Boston is good if you listen to ZBC 90.3 FM.

WZBC PLAYLIST: Friday 12/27 from 4:00 - 6:00 PM.

My Playlist:
operators, bottle
the control group, chemicals
pagoda red, track #2

the jumblies, sick inside
kay hanley fall, cherry marmalade
the lyres, I love her still, lyres lyres

all the queens men, immigrant song, custvey baby
cracktorch, roll, is not the problem

the fools, it's a night for beautiful girls, sold out
babaloo, trabalengua, I'm in the nude for love
Sandro G, Nao Vou Chorar with Farar

Scientific Americans, Justice, beyond rational thought - EP
Sandro G, Portugal

Amber Spyglass, catalyst groove - cd single,
the jupiter project, one slip, I can make you try
the dents, tracks #3

rosie's recess, sourpuss adore
scientific americans, eep opp ork ah ah
liquor tricks, denial

irritating rainbow, priest 85
mishima usa, frame relay

lifestyle, you're gonna make it today
fog and ocean, track #5
chris florio drying by the pub, quartets and quntets
karate, original spies

invercaron trike, geneology of loss